Fumigants Phostoxin® was established in 1951 by Degesch scientists and since effectively used for pest control products during storage. Tablets and pills Phostoxin fumigant containing 56 - 57% of aluminum phosphide (active ingredient) and 43 - 44% inert components that control the allocation phosphide gas. Tablets and pills then release phosphine with a slight delay, the length of which depends on temperature and humidity. As pills are smaller than tablets, then they decompose faster. The Phosphine effects on all pests of agricultural products regardless of their stage of development, as well as rodents get into the warehouse from the outside. Gas gets into all kinds of packaging materials and packaged in hermetically products. Since phosphine reacts with copper, copper alloys, silver and gold, these metals should be protected during fumigation.



Magtoxin® appeared in the late 1970s and used at lower temperatures than Phostoxin®. Magtoxin insecticidally active. It quickly penetrates the packaging and inside the hermetically packaged goods. Hydrogen phosphide effectively destroys adult pests at the stocks of cereals (rice weevil and in stock, grain grinder, Kaprova beetle, moth southern collar, types of grain moths and others.) And, when they are in stages of eggs, larvae and pupae. Ammonia and carbon dioxide act as shielding gases. Since Magtoxin decomposes almost completely, the residual dust contains almost no unresolved metal phosphide, unlike products containing aluminum phosphide. Magtoxin decomposes much faster than products containing aluminum phosphide. The maximum concentration of hydrogen phosphide selected Magtoxin achieved within 24-36 hours. In comparison, for the same period of time and under the same conditions (60% humidity and 20 ° C) products based on aluminum phosphide emit about 72% hydrogen phosphide, while magnesium phosphide is released completely.



Founded in 1949 by BEQUISA - the leader in the Brazilian market fumigants such as PHOSTEK®. Insecticidal fumigant to control pests by aeration stocks(fumigation) in warehouses, elevators, cars, ships. Provides quick and complete destruction of stocks full range of pests (insects, mites, rodents) regardless of the phase of development and number. With the right technology provides control over the development and reproduction, ensuring protection products. No effect on similar seed. Not phytotoxic to corn and other products. Not accumulate and change the qualities. Effectively and quickly penetrates the packing materials.



Fumigant to kill pests stocks in various stages of development. The benefits of the fumigants: